LA FERTE-FRESNEL (Nomel) – Threaded Fasteners

Expertise: Cold forging and tapping of nuts, high-speed stamping of washers and special components

Workforce: about 250 people

Surface area: about 32 500 m²

La Ferté-Fresnel site is specialized in the production of nuts, washers, retaining washers and special stamped components. La Ferté-Fresnel invented and trade-marketed numerous fasteners that have now become househould names, such as Circlip®, Twolok® and Grifaxe®.

Vertical integration, from washer production to cold-forging, tapping, heat treatment and plating, allows La Ferté Fresnel to offer its customers short lead times for a broad range of nuts, washers and stamped components, whilst mastering quality and efficiency at every step of the production process.

To ensure perfect quality, all critical parts undergo 100% high speed automated quality control.

Internationally recognized center for its manufacturing excellence, La Ferte Fresnel Dreux plant exports its products to 4 continents.

Contact us:

La Forêt du Château
61 550 La Ferté Fresnel

+33 (0)2 33 34 66 29

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