Our purchasing policy

Our suppliers are one of the key factors of LISI AUTOMOTIVE's success, we select the ones best able to meet the requirements of our automotive environment. To pursue Excellence, LISI AUTOMOTIVE establishes long term relationships with them, based on performance, trust and profit for both parties.

As a prerequisite, LISI AUTOMOTIVE expects its suppliers to be responsible, to have good insurance covers, to offer a long-term visibility on their company and to behave according the ethic values of the 10 Gobal Compact principles to which LISI AUTOMOTIVE is a signatory.

Furthermore, we require quality based on 0 defects, flawless delivery service rate with a strong flexibility and an excellent competitiveness. Needless to say, our suppliers need to have introduced continuous improvement actions on the model of "lean manufacturing" and be proactive in terms of innovation. LISI AUTOMOTIVE has many plants all around the world, therefore, being "global" also reinforces the suppliers' position.

LISI AUTOMOTIVE's purchasing

LISI AUTOMOTIVE has an excellent supplier panel with which it develops long-term relationships. If your company meets our requirements, shares our values and offers an innovative and a differentiated offer, you can contact us through the following links :


The documents summarizing the basis of a commercial relationship with LISI AUTOMOTIVE are available to be downloaded :

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