Industrial Excellence

The LEAP program « LISI Excellence Achievement Program » (Lean manufacturing and research of the performance to improve the global value for the customer) aims for operational Excellence in each area and each function of the company. LEAP is highly strategic and based on the major quality management tools. Thanks to this program, we are able to be flexible, remain nimble, maintain and reinforce our competitiveness, and satisfy our customers all over the world.


Specialization and modernization of our factories

Optimization of the flews and of the production techniques

Thanks to an important specialization and modernization program of its factories between 2010 and 2015, LISI AUTOMOTIVE has got updated and competitives factories with the most suitable production techniques to each type of product.

The optimization of the flews and of the production processes in the factories are subjected to regular reconsiderations in order to include the latest process innovations and to adapt them to fit to the evolution of the market's needs. Therefore, it allows us to answer to the quality, security, reliability and efficiency requirements of our customers.

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