LAKE ZURICH (Termax) – Clipped solutions

Expertise: Design, development and production of metal, plastic and metal-plastic clipped solutions for interior and exterior trim applications

Termax’s Lake Zurich site is specialized in the design and production of metal, plastic and metal-plastic clipped solutions such as U-based fastener with or without sealing; high retention fasteners; birds beak, arrow head and umbrella clips, magnetic head-liner fasteners, A-pillar airbag tethers and special engineered solutions. The design and development teams in Lake Zurich work mainly with the US and US-transplant OEMs and their ecosystems of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to offer the most effective metal, plastic and metal-plastic fastening solutions to optimize the weight, ease of assembly and cost effectiveness of assemblies.

Close to Chicago, Lake Zurich is Termax’s head quarters and today the headquarters for the LISI AUTOMOTIVE Clipped Solutions in North America. Lake Zurich co-ordinates Termax’s innovation, sales and development efforts worldwide. The Lake Zurich plant, internationally recognized for its manufacturing excellence in progressive and multi-slide stamping and overmoulding, exports its products to 5 continents.

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1155 Rose Rd.
Lake Zurich, IL, 60047

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