HEIDELBERG (Mecano) – Clipped Solutions

Heidelberg LISI Automotive

Expertises Design, development and production of metal and metal-plastic clipped solutions

Heidelberg site is specialized in the design and production of metal and metal-plastic clipped solutions such as cage nuts, j-nuts,, clip-screws, spider-clips or umbrella clips. The sales, design and development teams in Heidelberg work with the German OEMs and their ecosystems of Tier 1 and  2 suppliers to offer the most effective fastening solutions to optimize assembly, save weight and cost.

In addition to tooling, progressive and multi-slide stamping, Heidelberg masters its own heat-treatment in-house to ensure irreproachable quality and, where required, offers automated assembly for metal-plastic fasteners.

Internationally recognized center for its manufacturing excellence, Heidelberg plant exports its products worldwide.

Contact us:

Dischingerstraße 9
69 123 Heidelberg


+49 6221 7746

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