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                        PROCESS MASTERY

Our expertise in cold and hot forging allows us to offer a wide variety of spacers with complex shapes. These spacers are manufactured “netshape”, i.e. they do not need machining to achieve the required geometry and tolerances.





                        HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS


Spacers are components positioned between two parts, often fixed with a bolt. They can also be used to avoid creep or excessive strain on plastic/composite materials when used in load-bearing applications.





Our stainless steel spacers are designed to compensate for thermal expansion, especially in the exhaust manifold. They can prevent creep by acting as a reinforcement when assembling plastic/ composite components.



Materials:   Steel, high-temperature steel and high-strength steel, aluminum and stainless steel
Sizes and Shapes:   A wide range of shapes and sizes
Assembly:   Crimped, welded and/or bolt and nut
Material hardness & surface treatment:   A range of heat treatment and surface treatment options
Welded assemblies:   Option of welding a reinforcement in order to increase load-bearing capabilities
Safety critical parts:   Option of 100% quality control


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