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LISI AUTOMOTIVE produces over 10 million screws and bolts each day. Every step in the manufacture of our parts is mastered in-house in order to guarantee our customers total quality. Our expertise covers all processes such as tooling, wire drawing, cold forging, thread rolling, and heat and surface treatments. This broad-based expertise is what sets our offer apart and allows us to propose innovative and reliable solutions to our customers.


Cost effective and reliable, alone or in combination with clips or nuts, LISI AUTOMOTIVE bolts and screws guarantee secure fastening across the entire range of automotive assembly challenges. Our bolts and screws have been improved to optimize their mechanical properties and assist in downsizing motors and reducing their weight. We can offer high-strength steel products through our knowledge of materials, processes and specific engineering constraints. 


LISI AUTOMOTIVE offers a broad range of automotive-grade, standard and custom-engineered screws and bolts that meet our customers’ most stringent requirements. Our expert engineering and innovation teams develop or select the most appropriate fastening solutions for each automotive assembly challenges..

M2,5 to M14
Length: Up to 250 mm
Materials: Steel, high-temperature steel and high-strength steel, aluminum
Threads: Metric ISO, self-tapping (Formax® and Taptite® ), self-cleaning, Powerlok®, special
Heat treatment: Classes  8.8, 10.9, 12.9, case hardening
Shaft-ends: Self-centering (Formaline® & Mathread®), chamfered, cylindrical, conical or with drive
Drive geometry: Interior or exterior hexagonal, duohexagonal, Torx®, Torx Plus®; Pozidriv® or Phillips® or special
Head geometry: Flat, conical, eccentric or serrated base
Washers: Optional captive washers : flat, conical, serrated, Onduflex® or electrical contact

Captive and non-captive spacers as required.Surface finishes: Zinc phosphate, zinc flakes, zinc-nickel alloys or specialsThread-locking & sealing: Nylok®, Precote®, Dri-Lock®, Scotch-Grip®, Rite-Lok®, Driseal®, Microgleit®, Torque ‘N’ Tension® as well as proprietary formulations.Other:Many special products & features

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