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Our expertise in steel deformation processes, from simulation to functional testing, combined with our skills in “Netshapecold forging, means we can offer the quality, reliability and efficacy required of these safety-critical parts.


LISI AUTOMOTIVE offers large-scale production of high-precision components for occupant other applications. Our manufacturing and handling processes are specially designed to meet our customers’ requirements. Full mastery of our offer enables us to provide large-scale production of technical components, such as:

  • Steering systems
  • Stabilizer bars
  • Suspension systems


Partner and supplier to a wide range of benchmark OEMs, we supply global needs in safety-critical components. Our project teams work closely with our customers in order to factor in all the capabilities and limitations of the manufacturing processes in order to design and engineer parts and systems that fit perfectly with the strict requirements of mechanical safety-critical systems. Our expertise also enables us to industrialize and produce these high-precision parts effectively on a large scale.

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