Published on 06 December 2022
The automotive industry is experiencing a historic turning point with an increasing number of electrified vehicles, the marked development of autonomous vehicles, etc. Fluid management and sealing represent increasing challenges. Indeed, the requirements in automotive assembly and more generally for the industry are increasingly important. As specialists in automotive fastening solutions, our teams of experts have […]
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SEALING SCREWS – LISI Automotive Innovation

Published on 11 May 2022
Electrification plays a key role in the automotive industry with an increasing number of electrified vehicles. Faced with this massive electrification of the car fleet, the problem of sealing takes a considerable place in the challenges of today and tomorrow. Indeed, water, dust, etc. are becoming major challenges in automotive assemblies and more generally for […]
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Multi-Material Assemblies

Published on 18 November 2020
Vehicle lightweighting is at the heart of the needs and research themes of the current automotive industry. Indeed, a lightweight vehicle allows: Lower carbon emissions. Climate change is a current global challenge that requires collective actions. The automotive sector plays a leading role in reducing CO2 emissions Optimization of vehicle performance, in terms of battery […]
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Anti-creep assembly solutions

Published on 22 October 2020
Light-weighting is at the heart of the current challenges of the automotive industry: electrified vehicles need to gain in autonomy in particular by reducing their weight, the taxation of vehicles because of their weight is being considered, OEMs must reduce their CO2 emissions, etc. Tomorrows vehicles must be lighter. To meet the need of vehicle […]
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Electric Vehicle

LISI INSULATING BOLT for Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (mHEV)

Published on 29 November 2019
The mobility sector and the automotive industry are changing rapidly. European legislators are calling for a sustainable reduction in CO2 fleet emissions to an average of 95 g/km by 2020 (or around 20% of current emissions) with hefty fines for OEMs who do not meet their targets. Developing and convincing at least 10% of buyers […]
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EBS Screw LISI Automotive

Multi-Material flow-tapping screw (EBS)

Published on 20 September 2019
Vehicle lightweighting and optimization of assembly times are at the heart of current issues in the automotive industry. Decreasing vehicles' weight helps reduce pollutant emissions and extend range, while optimizing assemblies helps to control costs and to offer a variety of options to meet consumers' needs.   Today, affordable lightweighting of vehicles involves the use […]
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LISI T-PROOF® Tamper-Proof Nut & Screw

Published on 20 May 2019
While fastening needs are evolving, the safety and the reliability of the assembly systems remain essential. For this reason the teams at LISI AUTOMOTIVE are constantly innovating to propose new solutions to our customers’ needs, whilst ensuring robustness under all possible conditions. Our innovative anti-theft and unscrewable LISI T-PROOF® fastener range is designed to fasten […]
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innovative wheel chock

LISI AUTOMOTIVE co-develops an innovative wheel chock

Published on 18 July 2016
This is a fine example of collaborative innovation: LISI AUTOMOTIVE, in cooperation with NILIT Plastics Europe, designed and developed a wheel chock made up of plastic materials. This is the first time for this type of products. First of all, let’s get into the context : what is a wheel chock and where can it be found in our vehicles?
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