Squared Head Bolts

Published on 02 July 2024

Discover our parts, made with passion, in our Fuenlabrada factory!  

We’re creating a series of articles dedicated to the presentation of our pre-positioned bolts, manufactured with care and expertise in our Fuenlabrada production facility. We’re proud to highlight our products, which play a crucial role in the automotive industry.  

Our series begins with an essential part: the square-head screw. Its square head prevents the part from turning when tightened, while its cylindrical shank acts as an anti-loss device.

Designed for optimal pre-assembly of a plastic panel, this screw therefore offers several advantages:

  • Prevents vibration, particularly in relation to the NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) needs of tomorrow’s vehicles.
  • Sealing function: The addition of a metal washer or a supplementary washer guarantees a watertight seal against dust, etc.   
  • Fast and safe tightening process which eliminates the seizing and jamming of fasteners.
  • Robust assembly point.

These types of fasteners are highly practical and useful for assembling plastic parts to the body-in-white or other structures, especially : 

  • Handles  
  • Main dashboard  
  • Door panels  
  • Side guards  
  • Trim or car accessories  
  • Front and rear bumpers   

Together, we make every assembly safer, faster and more efficient.  

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