What future for plastic parts assembly?

Published on 23 August 2017
    New vehicle technologies, component weight reduction and the optimization and automation of assembly operations are leading to an accelerated evolution of fastening systems, towards greater simplicity and speed. Fastening systems in general, and molded studs for soft materials in particular, need to adapt to a highly technological automotive industry. You probably know LISI AUTOMOTIVE […]
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innovative wheel chock

LISI AUTOMOTIVE co-develops an innovative wheel chock

Published on 18 July 2016
This is a fine example of collaborative innovation: LISI AUTOMOTIVE, in cooperation with NILIT Plastics Europe, designed and developed a wheel chock made up of plastic materials. This is the first time for this type of products. First of all, let’s get into the context : what is a wheel chock and where can it be found in our vehicles?
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