Our expertise in mechanical components for dry brakes

Published on 20 March 2024

As a major player in the automotive industry, we are proud to share our expertise in the development and manufacture of forged components for dry brake systems.

The dry brake – how does it work?

The service brake is activated by an electric motor located inside the caliper, which pushes the brake pads by means of a ball screw, for example, thus eliminating brake fluid.

This innovative product reduces the total weight of the system, improves braking distances, increases efficiency, and reduces pollution. It also reduces assembly and maintenance costs.

What is our expertise?

Our experience in co-designing mechanical components with our customers comes into its own in the development of these new braking systems.

This upstream collaboration enables us to adapt parts to our manufacturing processes, in order to obtain complex shapes while optimizing costs.

We manufacture custom-forged components to offer our customers perfect integration into the braking system, as well as top-level quality and service.

Our expertise covers a wide range of manufacturing processes, including cold forging, rolling, tapping, heat treatment, machining, assembly, control, and packaging.

Passionate about innovation, we position ourselves in the manufacture of the braking systems of the future, contributing to the transition to safer, more sustainable mobility.

Discover our expertise through this video:

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