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Industry is a fast changing sector, constantly in the search of innovation. With the progressive digitalization of industrial structures and new production methods, the increase in the lifespan of various equipment, their reliability and the support in their digitalization are all challenges that manufacturers must respond to while respecting their economic constraints.

Based on our experience in the automotive industry, LISI AUTOMOTIVE can offer its industrial customers a wide range of fasteners that combine robustness and speed of assembly. Why choose LISI AUTOMOTIVE and our fastener ranges?

  • Expertise in all assembly challenges for industry for all types of fasteners;
  • Skills in terms of multi-material assembly, and lightweight metal-plastic fastening solutions;
  • Solutions offering speed and ease of assembly allowing you to save time and control your costs, in particular thanks to a range of easy to install fasteners that do not require pre-drilling;
  • A range of products specifically designed to provide electrical insulation or continuity;
  • Long experience in fastener mass production;
  • In-house control of each stage of production;
  • High speed automated quality control to guarantee reliable and durable fasteners.

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