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Throughout the seasons, heating, ventilation and air conditioning contribute to our comfort and well-being, at home, at work or in other public establishments. Water heaters, heat pumps, boilers, radiators, refrigeration systems… these equipment are proposed with constantly evolving technologies, to meet environmental challenges in particular. To support these developments, our manufacturer customers rely on LISI AUTOMOTIVE’s solutions in order to offer robust, reliable, efficient and economical products.

We offer a wide range of fasteners dedicated to your core profession: cage nuts or screws, clipped nuts, clips/staples, metal or plastic cable ties, balancing weights, adjustable nut for bases, or any custom fastener according to your requirements.

Why choose LISI AUTOMOTIVE to manufacture your heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems?

  • Expertise in all assembly challenges for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment;
  • Solutions offering speed and ease of assembly which allow you to save time and control your costs, in particular thanks to fastener pre-positioning;
  • Fasteners for multi-material assemblies (steel, aluminum, plastic) allowing an optimal material combination;
  • Long experience in fastener mass production;
  • In-house control of each manufacturing step;
  • High speed automated quality control to guarantee reliable and durable fasteners.

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