Braking Systems

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A key contributor to driver, passenger and third-party safety, automotive braking systems must respond with unfailing reliability and precision, all the time and cycle after cycle. Many of the world’s leading suppliers of braking systems and sub-systems have chosen to collaborate with us for safety critical components, fasteners and sub-systems in order to guarantee the performance and reliability of their own products.

Why choose LISI AUTOMOTIVE for Braking System components and fasteners ?

  • Extensive experience of co-development and functional & cycle-testing
  • Mastery of (near-) netshape cold-forging and high precision machining
  • Optimised, high volume industrial processes deliver quality, reliability & efficiency
  • Leading supplier worldwide of safety components for disc brake and brake tube systems (over 1 in 3 cars sold worldwide are equipped with our brake products)

Discover an overview of the products we offer for Braking Systems:

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