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Reducing emissions & fuel consumption whilst improving driving performance and extending service intervals, pose some toughest engineering challenges in the domain of powertrain.

Electric, hybrid and optimized internal combustion engines all contribute to achieving those objectives, and we collaborate with our customers to develop, produce and guarantee the performance of the high tensile fasteners required by current and future powertrains.

Why choose LISI AUTOMOTIVE for Powertrain fasteners ?

  • Expertise in all powertrain assembly challenges and types of fasteners
  • Materials, design and manufacturing competence for high strength steel bolts – up to 14.9
    • Mastery of controlled tightening in the range of plastic deformation
  • Long experience of high-volume manufacture of powertrain fasteners
    • In-house mastery of every step of the manufacturing process

    Discover an overview of the products we offer for the Powertrain System:

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