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Faced with the triple challenge of weight-reduction, higher safety requirements as well as increasing features on passenger cars, all without raising car prices, automotive OEMs and their suppliers constantly seek to optimise the cost, weight, stiffness and crash performance of the vehicle body. Higher strength steels, reduced and/or variable sheet metal thicknesses, aluminum, composites and multi-material sandwiches all offer potential solutions. However, each solution also brings its specific forming and assembly challenges.

Thanks to its deep expertise in fastening solutions and systems, LISI AUTOMOTIVE helps its customers to save assembly time, cost and weight and to fasten new materials and material grades reliably.


Why choose LISI AUTOMOTIVE for body fasteners ?

  • Deep expertise in automotive assembly challenges and fastening solutions
  • Unrivalled product range leveraging cold & hot-forging, stamping & injection moulding
  • Screws, nuts and clipped solutions already approved by leading OEMs
  • High performance plastic, composite and metal-plastic light-weighting fastening solutions
  • Cage and self-punching crimp nuts and screws to save assembly time & costs
  • Engineering & innovation capabilities to develop/select the most appropriate solutions

Discover an overview of the products we offer for the Body-in-white:

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