Water consumption reduction and wastewater reduction

Published on 18 February 2021

Water consumption reduction and wastewater reduction at LISI AUTOMOTIVE are very important subjects in our CSR approach to move towards a production and a waste treatment that has less of an impact on the environment.

Our Shanghai plant is specialized in the production of safety mechanical components such as electrical parking brakes (EPB) components, seat axles and torsion bars for the Chinese market. These high precision parts are realized by associating cold forging technologies with thread-rolling, precision machining and grinding which can require a large amount of water for their production.

Since 2018, our Shanghai plant has been equipped with an evaporator and filters for wastewater treatment. The water treated is then reused for maintenance of Shanghai’s plant. This water treatment facility has significantly reduced the amount of water discharged at the end of the process.

100% of the wastewater from the production is collected in a large tank before its treatment. The water goes through a series of filters and tanks to purify the water from the production injected in the recycling machine. The water is then cooked thanks to negative pressure evaporation and the concentrated part is prepared for further handling by being separated from the recycled part.

  • 20%is turned into concentrated water and handed over to a third-party company for them to take care of the safe disposal of the soiled water.
  • Ultimately, 80% is recovered into crystal clear recycled water (of a quality equal to rainwater) that will be used for future maintenance operations, for example the cleaning of the workshop floors.

The overall process (costs of handling of the wastewater) enables the plant to achieve 64% of savings as compared to before the machine was implemented.

You can find out about our other actions to reduce our overall water consumption here : https://www.lisi-automotive.com/en/reducing-water-consumption-at-lisi-automotive/ or in the video below :

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