General Motors delivers supplier quality excellence to LISI AUTOMOTIVE for the year 2017!

Published on 24 October 2018

For 2017, LISI AUTOMOTIVE has received the Excellence in Supplier Quality Award from General Motors for the Mellrichstadt, Heidelberg and Lake Zurich (Termax) plants.

This award recognizes the supply chain, quality and development performance of the three sites that go beyond General Motors' expectations in terms of innovation policy and industrial excellence. Mellrichstadt , Heidelberg and Lake Zurich plants are specialized in the manufacture of metal, plastic and metallo-plastic solutions for interior and exterior trim applications, as well as clipping solutions, cage nuts and rivets. These products are exported around the world and provides the brands of the American giant: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.



This Award completes a 2017 year rewarded by the LISI Automotive Division:

  • Award for the best "customer approach" from Korean OEM MANDO,
  • Award for the best "Innovation" initiative by the FSP FACIL,
  • Award of the best performance of the year by the American equipment manufacturer ADIENT,
  • Award of the best supplier by the equipment manufacturer ZF.


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