Logistic service

Preparation of automated shipments

Management of shipment preparation from finished product inventory is realised via a computerised pallet storage and retrieval rack, where robots move independently to store or pick up parts from both sides of the aisles to provide redundancy. It is connected  real-time to LISI AUTOMOTIVE's central information system. While ensuring the reliability of shipments to its customers, LISI AUTOMOTIVE has made a concrete commitment to improve its employees’ work conditions on an ongoing basis by:

  • Improving security > elimination of forklifts from inside the warehouse
  • Improving the ergonomics of preparation stations > stacking tables
  • Improving preparation assistance > one screen per station indicating the work to be carried out (elimination of paper)

Supply chain

The purpose of a tightly controlled supply chain is to deliver the product on a Just In Time basis whilst meeting the customer’s deadline and optimising overall production costs.

Our taregt is to help our customers to minimise the overall costs, save time, improve productivity, limit risks, and offer upgradeable services.

Concretely, the supply chain enables the whole of the production flow to be managed, such as:

  • Receiving orders
  • Management of customer forecasts
  • Defining factories’ production schedules
  • Managing orders to sub-contractors and the related flows of materials
  • Planning sorting, preparation and storage operations
  • Final definition of orders
  • Customer delivery and transport management
  • Management of safety stocks



Master Production Schedule

LISI AUTOMOTIVE uses a Master Production Schedule to facilitate the control and planning of production resources. The master production schedule allows us to manage both the final part quantities as well as each sub-component and manufacturing step. It allows the Sales Department to establish offers and to confirm delivery dates.

Customer Service

In order to satisfy its clients, LISI AUTOMOTIVE has set up an efficient central Customer Service Department, located at the headquarters in Delle, France. The service is available from Monday to Friday, from  7:30 to 12:00 am and from 1:30 to 6:00 pm.

To answer to the customers' needs, LISI AUTOMOTIVE's customer service is organized by zone and offers a multilingual service (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Czech).

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