Surface treatment

Threaded and clipped fasteners, which are generally made from steel (as well as from stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, etc.), can undergo a surface treatment to apply anti-corrosion or other types of coatings.

This coating is primarily for:

  • Protection against corrosion whether it is of a temporary (storage or transport) or reinforced nature.
  • Suitability for tightening by applying a lubricant in order to control the friction coefficient.
  • The appearance (colour, sheen, etc.).

This coating can also provide additional characteristics such as protection against chemical damage (washer fluid, brake fluid, food compatibility, etc.), as well as weldability, paint undercoat, electrical conductivity, the ability to withstand temperatures, etc.

These coatings are compatible with all applicable environmental regulations:

  • RoHS: The absence of heavy metals (Cadmium, Chrome (VI), Lead),
  • REACH,
  • ELVs (End of Life Vehicles).

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