Innovation Newsletter May 2017

Inauguration of the innovation room:

The first innovation room of LISI AUTOMOTIVE has been inaugurated in Delle in April. This collaborative innovation project has been supported by Florent HOWALD, Pauline LACOM and  Christophe MARTIN. It has been successfully carried out in the BGTF (for now).

The particularity of this project is the collaborative approach that is aimed to share, create and improve about a topic no matter your job or knowledge. As a real incubator of ideas, actions are introduced each month in order to present you this approach. Everyone is invited to the various activities that the room will offer to you.

The second task of the room is to boost your creativity thanks to different tools at your disposal. Among them, you’ll find an interactive board, a creative “closet” or even a wall of expression to encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone and to exchange your ideas.

Come and discover the room and these tools; create your own innovative experience!
If you want to make sure that you will be allowed to use the room, it can be reserved via the LISI AUTOMOTIVE internal portal and, to thank you for your visit, a glass of syrup will even be offered to you 🙂

Finally, the room has been created so that that everyone can collaborate, be involved in this innovation approach but also to encourage original ideas emerging by providing a non-conventional work environment.

Never forget, collaborative innovation requires the involvement of everyone in order to progress and to result in innovative projects. Anyone can innovate, so don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild!

“Alone, we go faster but together, we go further”

First innovation contest :

The first innovation contest of LISI AUTOMOTIVE has been launched in March. The subject was: « According to you, how could we bring more value (real and perceived) to our products? ». Lots of ideas have been submitted to this contest. The innovation committee has selected three ideas, that will be further developed. These ideas have been submitted by:

  • Gérard Vitti, with the idea: « Use laser marking on all our products, at the same time as sorting, to minimize time. This will save our marking tools that are often breakable »
  • Vincent Delettre, with the idea: « All forged parts should be as much as possible tribofinished (brightening operation or sweet deburring operation): the part will be clean, with a temporary dry protection, deburred, and with less visible surface defects »
  • One anonymous person, with the idea: « Propose a trim fastener configurator: Step 1: Materials, type of geometry and type of stress ; Step 2: The force types are generated by the configurator and the engineer has to fill in the values ; Step 3: Recommended LISI products, technical characteristics of each and product references « 

Working groups will be organized to develop these ideas. The second innovation contest will be launched soon, stay tuned!

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