Innovation Newsletter December 2016

Extension of the FORMAX family

The self-tapping screw of LISI Automotive FORMAX exists currently in diameter 6, 8 and 10 mm. Because of the development of many aluminium parts in the suspension and chassis of the cars, the possibility to use self-tapping screws is growing. We decided to extend the FORMAX range in diameter 12 and 14 to cover the new needs of the market. Both products were designed, produced and tested and are now available for our customers. We compared the LISI Automotive solution with other existing solution and our FORMAX reached the best performance.


LISI AUTOMOTIVE Kierspe has developed the use of wocafix-coating, for many reasons:

  • Increasing the useful tool life
  • Reducing of tool and equipment costs
  • Decreasing of cold welding and material sticking
  • Avoiding punching burrs and the rising of cut-offs
  • Improving of wear resistance
  • Correcting of undersizes and cuttingplay

The advantages of the wocafix-coating are:

  • Suitable for all types of steel
  • Surface hardness of 78-82 Rc
  • Coating thickness infinitely adjustable from 2 to 40 my mm
  • Highly heat resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • No material disortion
  • Exact coating thickness
  • Can be relapped
  • Resists any strain

With the aid of the Wocafix Appliance thin, true-to-size coatings of hard metal (tungsten carbide) can be applied to any types of steel. The thickness of the coating is adjustable between 2 and 40 my mm. Nowadays very exacting demands are made on the toughness, hardness and surface wear resistance of tools, equipment and machine parts. Through the normal hardening method only toughness or hardness can definitely be achieved; in practice therefore, a middle course is selected.

In the search for a tough material with a more wear-resistant coating the following possibilities presented themselves:

  1. Galvanic coating with hard coats
  2. The plasma gun spraying method
  3. Electro-erosive wocafix coating

The adhesive strength of the coatings in methods 1 and 2 is unsatisfactory in the case of heavy stresses since the coatings are likely to scale off. With the third method however, it is possible to apply tungsten carbide to a very wear-resistant surface on the heavily stressed points of a workpiece. If you are interested in having more technical information, click here : wocafix-coating



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