Innovation Newsletter #8

First Supplier Innovation Day:

As part of the collaborative innovation project at LISI AUTOMOTIVE, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our:




The objective of this event is to enable an exchange of ideas, information and issues between our suppliers and our employees relating to innovation.

The day will be organized around stands and mini-conferences by each supplier.

We expect this day to allow us to identify possible collaborative projects, which are innovation oriented, and then select those we will pursue with our suppliers.
9 of our suppliers (non-competitors) will be present during this day:
  • Global Steel Wire – Raw wire
  • Bodycote – Heat treatment
  • Dörken – Surface treatment – chemistry
  • Condat – Lubricants
  • Gerbo – Rolling tools
  • Hatebur – Forging machines
  • EW Menn – Rolling machines
  • Polyprofils – Tooling
  • Lazpiur – Sorting / testing / packaging machines
We will send you the conference schedule some time before D-Day. In the meantime please save the date in your calendar! 🙂

New Unidentified Fastener Object (UFO) in Heidelberg:

Is it a screw? Is it a clip? Heidelberg has just achieved one product innovation, by combining different knowledge of LISI AUTOMOTIVE.

Our plant of Heidelberg has just designed, tested and manufactured a new « clipping screw » for Heat Protection Shield.

This part is a replacement of a screw, with 3 versions: M6 – M10 – M12.

The main advantage of this new part is the mounting time reduction.

One patent has been registered by the factory, and 6 million parts have already been sold. Discover below some illustrations of our new Unidentified Fastener Object 🙂

Innovation Challenge in Dasle:

As you know, LISI AUTOMOTIVE Collaborative Innovation is being rolled-out in our factories, with a pilot in the BGTF.

Dasle has launched its first innovation challenge in June. The first results are available. Among the proposed ideas, the innovation committee has selected 2 ideas that should be developed:

  • Idea n°1: « Replace the production sheet at the operator station by a computer + data extraction software », submitted by Sébastien Forthoffer
  • Idea n°2: « Put a call button on each machine connected with the phone; which consists in calling it, to change the coil, to supply with coil, pellet trays, etc. Example: Machine 1: code 1 appears on the phone », submitted by Jean-Luc Tohareh

Working groups will be organized with the employees who submitted the ideas in order to further develop these ideas.

The second innovation contest has already been launched in Dasle, and the first one is ongoing in Delle. We look forward to the many innovative ideas from each and every one of you! 🙂

Results of the two first innovation contests:

Two global innovation contests have already been launched in LISI AUTOMOTIVE. In total, four ideas have been selected to be further developed.

Reminder of submitted ideas:

  • « Use laser marking on all our products, at the same time as sorting, to minimize time. This will save our marking tools that are often breakable », submitted by Gérard Vitti
  • « All forged parts should be as much as possible tribofinished (brightening operation or sweet deburring operation): the part will be clean, with a temporary dry protection, deburred, and with less visible surface defects », submitted by Vincent Delettre
  • « Propose a trim fastener configurator: Step 1: Materials, type of geometry and type of stress ; Step 2: The force types are generated by the configurator and the engineer has to fill in the values ; Step 3: Recommended LISI products, technical characteristics of each and product references », submitted by an anonymous person
  • « Knowledge management: creation of an application where each employee could register (at his discretion) and detail his profile and skills (with keywords). And as soon as someone has a problem, he can « post » it on the application with the corresponding keywords. And the problem is addressed (by email) directly and only to the people with the skills. The latter can then propose solutions… « , submitted by Pascal Ronot

Several working groups have already been organized to further develop these ideas. The feasibility study of each of the ideas is currently ongoing.

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