First Innovation Room at LISI Automotive

Veröffentlicht am 23 August 2017

As the automotive industry is always looking for solutions for the future, innovation is at the heart of LISI Automotive concerns. To support this acceleration of changes, LISI Automotive has launched a collaborative innovation approach in addition to its traditional R & D programs. The aim is to mobilize the creativity of all the collaborators on innovation subjects, factory and organization of the future, etc. The opening of the first Innovation Room of LISI Automotive goes along with this approach. The room was officially opened on the 12th of April 2017 at Delle (France).

"Innovation Room": what is it?

The innovation room has been created to be a real ideas incubator and to introduce this approach to the collaborators of LISI Automotive. Several activities such as contests, trainings or brainstormings will be organized to arouse interest and creativity of everyone.

The innovation room enables to develop the creative mind of collaborators with the help of several tools: an interactive board, a creativity wardrobe, an expression wall, etc. This room is part of the PhD of Pauline Lacom, whose subject is: "Support innovation within an international manufacturing company based on users/clients: methodology and tools."

This room has been designed to gather, collaborate and get the collaborators involved in innovation. It is fully in line with the innovation approach, leaving the conventional and traditional framework of work.

And then?

The longer-term objective is to roll out this project in all LISI Automotive sites and to extend new tools and devices enabling all the collaborators to get involved.

Thus, this approach is part of the strategy of the company for the coming years, as Mr. François Liotard, CEO of LISI Automotive, explains:

  "We want to accompany the automobile revolution. This project is at the heart of our selective growth strategy with the aim of bringing out new parts with high added value by 2020."

Mr. Gilles Kohler, Chairman of the board of directors of LISI Group, adds:

"LISI Automotive, with strong know-how in both metal and plastic parts, has all the necessary assets and tools for innovation in fasteners."

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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"



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