Innovation Newsletter February 2017

Chocolate safety components:

A sales and marketing innovation from the BG SMC! Chocolate safety Components  (including EPB, guide pins and torsion bars).

Parts which are intended to satisfy not just the safety  requirements of the BGSMC customers but also to give them original and tasty treats.

The project (named “Willy”) has been divided in three main steps:


  • Step 1 (prototyping): about 30 samples have been homemade, with silicone baking pans
  • Step 2 (prototyping): a chocolate maker has produced about 150 samples, also with silicone baking pans: 17 small packages have been imagined for our customers
  • Step 3 (serial production): industrial tooling has been produced “thermoformed parts” to produce serial volumes at the chocolate

Innovation room in Delle:

An innovation room will be settled up in March in Delle.

The aims of this room will be: to favor the collaboration between employees, to give them tools to be creative and to innovate, etc.

This room will be open to all the employees, who wish to innovate and to develop their creativity. Several events will be organized to bring this room to life:

  • An opening ceremony of the room
  • Innovation contests
  • Innovation breakfasts
  • Brainstorming
  • Etc.


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